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How to successfully publish a book on Amazon

If you wish to publish your own book and to bump into numerous readers and a huge success, without paying gigantic additional costs, Amazon is the right platform. Below we have explained why you should and how to publish your book on Amazon.

Everybody can register for free on Amazon as an author and upload their book on the site. Amazon doesn’t have any conditions and demands on special education. Your book will appear in 24 to 48 hours worldwide on the platform. The uploading of the book is a very quick and easy process. In addition, you can make changes to the book at every time you wish and re-upload it.

Amazon is a gigantic online portal with many customers, who make purchases daily and, therefore, the Kindle will sell rapidly. In addition, Amazon generates automatic sales – you have almost no responsibilities.

The web page has its own advertisement tool. Using it, many more potential readers will visit daily your book detail page. Consequently, your book gets much more impressions of people who look exactly for your product, you sell more and the rank of your book is stabilized.

You can determine the retail price by yourself. It is recommendable to define the price on 70% profit. The best price would be between 2.99 and 9.99 EUR/USD.

How do I provide a relevant book?

We will answer this question below.

The first step is to carry out an analysis of the subject and the keywords. You can do this with the GoogleAds Keyword tool or on the Answer The Public web page. For example, you are writing a book about healthy eating. From the search of the term “Healthy eating” these appear to be the most searched words by people, interested in the matter.

From this research you can find new ideas for the title and the content. Now you know what the people look mostly for, and you can add this information in your book. Moreover, you will be sure that the subject you write about is in demand and your book will sell well, when you implement the keywords and ideas from your research.

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