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Amazon FBA - 【 Amazon agency 】 Full Marketing Services ≫ AMZ Genesis

Amazon FBA Account Management Services

What is Amazon FBA?

The abbreviation FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. It is a service provided by Amazon that assists sellers with storage, packaging and shipping of their products. It is very simple, yet powerful process which allows you, as an online seller, to utilize Amazon’s numerous fulfillment centers to store and ship the products you sell through the Amazon website as a platform. This provides the sellers with more flexibility, free time and a higher profit.

The way FBA works is very simple, yet effective:


You Send your products to Amazon FBA

First you need to send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.


When there, your products are inventoried and safely stored.

When there, your products are inventoried and safely stored.


Customer purchase your products

When a customer places an order for your product, Amazon handles the transaction for you, the entire process being automated.


Amazon FBA picks and packs your products

Next, your product is picked from its place in the storage, safely packed into a box, and shipped to the customer on your behalf.

Even though Amazon FBA has numerous benefits and saves you a lot of time and effort, you still have quite a few things to handle. Creating an optimized product listing and setting up an effective advertising campaign for example are still your own responsibilities. Managing all of these is not as easy as it sounds. You have got more important things to do than figuring it all out on your own. That’s where we come in.

How can we help?

For businesses that want to sell on Amazon, a professional Amazon account management agency is of great help. We offer account management services that are designed to be essential support for online sellers. From basic tasks like Amazon Ranking Optimization to the complex Amazon PPC Management, we provide effective solutions to sellers who want to grow their business on Amazon’s platform but don’t have the time, resources or expertise for this type of management.

Our experienced team of professionals is here for you!

Our responsibilities:

You choose the products you are going to sell, and we research the niche

Amazon handles the storing and order fulfillment, but you’ll still need to pick what products to sell. You can sell just about anything you’d like, but if you want to avoid storage fees, make sure you choose products that will sell quickly. After you source the products, we get to work!

Assist you during the shipment process to Amazon’s warehouses

We discuss with you which is the best and most inexpensive shipping option. Then we inform Amazon about the shipment.

Brand registry

Amazon’s search engine algorithm is also influenced by your product’s sales history. Meaning, you rank higher if you have a steady sales history.

Create an optimized listing for your product and market your products effectively

Amazon is a great platform but for good sales an optimized listing and a marketing strategy are a must, so that people can actually find your merchandise and want to buy it. First we do a thorough keyword and catchphrase research in order to create an optimized listing. After that we get started on the ad campaign. Good advertising is vital if you want to make good sales.

Launch your product

Launch your private label the right way by taking advantage of our product launch services.

Maintain your seller account and report back to you

We will monitor the performance and collect data of your account to make sure it is up to Amazon standards.

Keep track of your inventory levels and inform you when it is time to restock again

Your product should never be out of stock.

Daily monitoring of reviews, availability, BuyBox and content changes, as well as keeping an eye on your competitors

Stay updated to all the new updates and trends in the ever-changing amazon environment.

Multi-channel integration

Different marketplaces allow you to reach unique customers, so listing each of your items on multiple marketplaces is a great way to boost sales without additional listings.

Our experienced team of professionals is here for you every step of the way! Whether you are a large business, a small boutique business operating in a limited niche, an Amazon veteran, a beginner, third-party seller, or first-party seller, our Amazon account management services, will fulfill all your needs and requirements.

3 TIMES as many buyers search for products to buy on Amazon, rather than Google.

So you need to optimize your Amazon listings for site’s search algorithms in just the same way that you might optimize for Google. ? ? ?

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