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Having a successful Amazon PPC strategy can drive a lot of sales for one’s products. The Amazon advertising tool enables newbies and experienced sellers to perform better on the markertplace by buying visibility for their items on the search results page. In this article we will explain about the different types of PPC ads and why it is important to create and optimize an ad campaing with a winning strategy.

PPC is the Amazon advertising tool and stands for Pay-Per-Click, meaning each time a buyer clicks on an ad and opens the listing, the seller pays a small amount to Amazon for the advertising.

There are three types of ad campaigns

Sponsored Product Ads

Ad targeting: Keywords

for promoting individual products. It appears both on search results page and on other products’ listings. The individual products can also appear on external websites, targeting customers who viewed the product detail page, but did not make an order.

Sponsored Brands

Ad targeting: Keywords

for promoting the brand with a headline, a logo and up to three products. This ad has the ability to send customers to the brand’s shop. These ads also appear on the search results page.

Product Display Ads

Product + Interest Groups

This is only aviable for vendors. These ads use interest targeting and appear on listings and on the serach results page, when a customer has often viewed a certain type of product.

  • The Amazon PPC is working on a bidding basis. Each seller submits a bid for their ad and the highest bidder gets their product to be advertised on the highest ad rank position.
  • The Amazon PPC improves the organic sales, which is essential especially for new products that lack a good sales history and due to the low ranking, their listings appears lower in the search results page. PPC can change that by driving traffic towards the products and boosting more orders.

What we do?

Keyword Research

Save time when creating your campaigns. Leave the time-consuming process of researching relevant keywords to us! We’ll make sure that your products appear as soon as prospective customers make a promising search query.

Campaign creation

Create complete ad campaign structures effortlessly. With just a few clicks, lay the foundations for optimally performing ads, which are then automatically synchronized with your Amazon account.

Campaign optimization

With our algorithm we will recognize well and badly performing keywords and we will adjusts their bids accordingly. With continuous daily adjustments, the profitability of your ads can increase many times over.

Individual support

Through regular exchanges, evaluate your ad performance together with our experts to achieve the best results possible. If you have any questions, access our support via chat, email or telephone.

We won’t leave you alone! The Amazon Advertising business can sometimes seem like a jungle of different possibilities and information. We help you evaluate your data to realize your advertisements’ potential, discussing your campaigns and ad performance together

It is important to set your goals and know what you want to achieve by sponsoring your products, so we can estimate the budget you will need and the time it will take to achieve it.

For the PPC campaign to have a positive outcome, it is crucial to have optimized listings, but let us take care of that.

Managing your PPC campaign

It is important to optimize the ad campaign once enough data has been gathered, and that’s what we are here for. Namely, to follow the development of your campaigns and make sure that you make the most of your invested money in advertising. Start off with the right focus.

Our optimization strategies are tailored to your specific advertising goals

Maximize Revenue
With this strategy, we help you to maximize the sales of your Amazon PPC campaigns and to archive the highest amount of product revenue with your pre-defined rules.

Optimize ACoS
What is great ACoS ? .... A lower ACoS you had in the previous period. We will create a detailed bid and keyword strategies in order to optimize your ACoS. All-in-One solution for your business.

For those who want to have it all - maximize revenue and optimize ACoS

To conclude, we will:

  • Optimize your listings before starting a PPC campaign.
  • Help you choose the type of campaign that suits you the best.
  • Assist you to determine your goals and calculate your campaign budget, based on them.
  • Regularly optimize your ad campaign for best results.

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