Amazon Launch Strategies

Why is product launch so important?

Product launch is a very essential part of the Amazon private label process. It’s capable of totally ruining your innovative ideas and hard work through lack of enough market exposure, or on the contrary, it can rocket a product to success in just a matter of days.

Better visibility and results on Amazon

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Launching a new product on the Amazon marketplace involves a lot more than you might realize at first sight. It’s not just a matter of listing the product. You also have to find and incorporate high-quality images and well-written content, organize early promotions and advertising strategies, generate early reviews, and ultimately make the product visible and appealing to the target audience you’re aiming for. These early steps are critical to the product’s long-term success and your own growth as an Amazon seller. Those who put enough time and effort into their product launches can gain traction and market share way faster.

Don’t forget that you’ll also have logistics and manufacturing costs, as well as Amazon fees, marketing, advertising, research, content production, and other costs to consider. You need to thoroughly understand where your point of profitability lies so you have a goal to aim for. Then, you can plan a much more successful Amazon product launch strategy.

All of this is a lot of hard work, so let us help you throughout this complex process. Our agency offers launch strategy solutions and we can guide you on the road to success!

How can we help?

Before we even get started on launching a product on Amazon, you must choose the right product. We start by researching several product markets as thoroughly as possible so that you can set realistic expectations. You can raise sales volume faster in niche markets with thinner competition. However, these markets typically see lower sales volume, so we make sure you have a thorough understanding of your expected sales before entering the market. We research what your competitors are ranking for – we start by finding out what is currently in high-demand, and which products are already high up in the search results for each term. This is best done manually or by using a paid tool like the Chrome extension Helium 10.

Good Page Rank within Amazon is essential for a successful Amazon launch strategy. What goes into it are the following:

Sales velocity

This means we’d need to start generating sales right off the bat.

Sales history

It’s also important to build up your sales history, so the first few weeks of your launch are vital.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who visited your product listing and then ‘converted’ into a customer.


reviews play an important part of a successful Amazon launch strategy, too. They give your customers the social proof they’re looking for before purchasing your product.

For all that we’d need to create a good-enough listing of the product, setting up an Amazon Pay Per Click campaign (PPC) and get to know your audience.

In order to successfully prepare your fully-optimized Amazon Listing for launch, we’d need to do the following:

Good Product Title

the title is the most essential part of your product listing regarding the keyword perspective. Here we have to please two parties – the Amazon customer and the Amazon ranking algorithm. Titles should be consisting of enough keyword stuffing for the algorithm and a descriptive prose for the customer.

Product images

an Amazon product listing should consist of variety of images of the product, including images showing the product size, different angles and the product being used. Additionally, it’s very important to follow Amazon’s requirements for images.

Bullet points

we’d need to write down a couple of bullet points as well. The best way to use this section is to highlight the product's main features and benefits. We do this while using as many secondary keywords as possible.


the description allows the customer to find out even more benefits of the product and a more detailed descriptions of the ways to use it and all its features.

Other essential parts of the listing are of course the reviews and ratings, although they are elements that we do not have as much control over. This process takes time and is mostly about delivering high-quality products and an excellent level of service.

Some things we can do to help generate good reviews and ratings is to communicate with your customers about their order, regularly test your procedures to ensure they are up to standard, and read customer reviews, particularly the bad ones, so you can know what to improve in the future.

PPC Campaign

The next step after creating a good well-optimized product listing is advertising your product effectively. A way we can do this is through the Amazon’s own advertising system – Pay Per Click campaign. Setting up Amazon PPC campaigns can get your product seen in Amazon search results above organic listings. When set-up correctly, it can help increase your sales, and help drive Sales Velocity.

Firstly, it provides on-platform sales so it will start connecting your product to specific search terms and thus increase organic ranking more than a sale from off-platform. Secondly, it allows you to generate data on keyword conversion rates. Important details you need to understand are the key PPC metrics, such as the ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales), Clicks, Impressions and others. There are different types of PPC ad campaigns, more specifically automatic and manual ones. You can also choose from different types of ads:

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored products are Amazon ads that promote a single product. Advertisers use keywords to target shoppers with these ads. These appear at the top of search results, alongside search results and on product pages.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands promote up to three products and an Amazon Store. Like Sponsored Products, advertisers use keywords for Sponsored Brands to target shoppers. Sponsored Brands can generate product sales, as well as brand awareness for shoppers researching their purchase options.

Product Display Ads

Sponsored Display promotes a single product. With this Amazon PPC ad, advertisers can target shoppers based on their shopping activities, like purchases or viewed products. Sponsored Display does not use keywords. Instead, it relies on machine learning and automation to drive sales of your promoted product.

At the start of your campaign, we log in every day to monitor its performance. This aggressive approach can help us make quick changes to improve our strategy, like updates to your keyword targeting, bidding, and/or daily budget.

The path to a successful Amazon product launch strategy is different for every seller, product, and market. But the most important tips for any successful Amazon product launch are to understand what kind of market you’re getting into, to ensure that your expectations align with what’s possible in that market, and to drive initial sales. Keyword ranking and visibility on Amazon are crucial for your success. These launch strategies are a fast, easy way to increase your rank, sales, and reviews and attract even more customers with each and every next product you offer. With the help of an agency like us, you are bound to succeed.

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