Private Label Products on Amazon

Selling private label products on Amazon is a great way to earn extra money or to turn the е-commerce into your main source of income. It may seem hard or even impossible at first, but we are here to make sure that you know all the details to create a successful online business.
Let’s begin with the meaning of Amazon Private Label Product. This is a term, used when a handler sells their inventory under their own brand with their unique design, but the goods are being manufactured by another company. In other words, you order generic products from a manufacturer and then you personalize them with your own logo.

Below, we have listed a few easy steps to follow, in order to become successful in the private labeling business on Amazon. Of course, we will assist and guide you each step along the

Step 1

Creating an Amazon Seller Account

When you come to us, we will provide with full service, starting with creating your seller account. Here you can choose between two plans:

Individual and Professional.

First you need to send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

When there, your products are inventoried and safely stored.

Depending on what you sell, we will advise you which plan suits your shop better.

Step 2

Choosing the right product to private label

You should not underestimate this step, because the product you choose is a crucial part of whether you will make it or break it. Here are our tips on making the right decision:

It is highly recommendable, that you are always on the look for new trends on the market.
Most sellers are not yet aware of the new product and the public is rising. As an example, we can give you the boom of the fidget spinners or the pocket sockets.

Make sure that you follow the Hot New Releases section on Amazon.
Again, there you can find fast selling products with lower competition between the retailers.

Research Social Media trends.
An unknown product can become extremely popular in under a month and that is the kind of goods you will want to invest in.

Best case scenario - your item will also have the following characteristics:

  • Small and light;
  • Durable, should not spoil easily (for example food or batteries);
  • Non-seasonal, should be in high demand all year around;
  • It should not come in too many variations, like clothes – they come in different sizes and colors.

If you have a hard time choosing exactly what you want to sell, we will gladly help you.

After choosing what to sell, it is time to research the niche. Again, we come to the rescue. Our company will provide you with a detailed research of the niche and the competition, so we can determine how much you would be able to make and whether you will be able to compete.

step 3

Time to produce your product

Once you have set on a product, it is time to find a cost-effective and fast-working supplier. The biggest platform on the internet for manufacturers is Choose 3-5 suppliers and contact them about their service.

When we contact a seller, we always include the following key points:

  • Asking the producer to send a sample of the item.
  • Asking for a personal offer. For example, the price for 500 items is 4$ per piece, but we only want to order 300. Then we ask them whether they are willing to offer a special price just for us.
  • Asking about the payment method. Most commonly used are PayPal or through Alibaba.
  • Asking whether customizations and branding are possible. For example, a change to the color or the size of the product or of a part of it. Putting a logo on our private label products is extremely important.

If you feel insecure about contacting manufacturers on your own, we will handle this process as well.

Branding is also essential. Do not forget, that the design is the first thing a customer sees on your listing. The logo, design and packaging of the products are vital for a good first impression. We can help you can find a professional to create these for you.

Do not forget to register a trademark for your brand, as this process sometimes takes a considerable amount of time. This is an important step to protect your brand.

Once your customizations are ready, you can send them to the chosen manufacturer, so the production can begin.

step 4

Choosing your fulfillment method

We recommend FBA. This is a service provided by Amazon that assists sellers with storage, packaging and shipping of their products

step 5

Optimized Listing

While you are waiting for your products to be produced, we will work on optimizing your product’s detail page.

step 6


The most commonly used strategy of beginners is to go for the lowest price. However, this tactic rarely succeeds. The best price range is 20-50$. Again, we can help you figure out the best price for your merchandise, considering the following expenses:

  • Production cost
  • Shipping fees
  • Amazon fees per sale
  • FBA service (if this is your chosen fulfillment method).

step 7

Launching your product

All of your preparations are ready, the goods are shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center or to your warehouse. It is time to launch your listing and start selling.

The first sales are often the hardest. That is why, we offer to create and manage your ad campaign, until you get a decent number of sales.

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